After a treatment plan is prescribed, the actual work of restoring the soil can begin. Typical restoration tasks involve tilling and amending. Any gardener who has ever tilled a piece of ground can attest to the work and frustration that goes into this process. The more unhealthy the soil the more frustrating the tilling can be. We see tilling as a necessary evil, since it destroys the delicate micro life; but it is also an important method of incorporating the needed materials into the soil mix. As a soil reaches a more nutrient balanced state, incorporating those materials becomes less of a destructive process.

In theory, a healthy, thriving, balanced soil needs no tilling. It is our goal to get your soil to that state as quickly as possible.
We are equipped to perform all the necessary restoration tasks for the customer upon request. Using the treatment plan as a guide, we can bring all recommended materials to the garden and do the dirty work for you.