Amendment Blends:

Blending amendments to incorporate into potting media has been our specialty from day one. The fundamentals to creating a great potting medium are simple and consistent, however, the options are endless.

We can make the project simple and effective by custom tailoring a container medium amendment blend for you and your growing needs. We source the finest ingredients and ensure they are produced according to our values. Our blends are designed to use just what is necessary to produce the healthiest and most nutrient dense plants.

We can ship custom blends to customers anywhere in the US. Mixing our amendment blend into a nutrient free peat based medium such as Pro Mix (or any similar mix including coco based) allows the grower ultimate control over the quality and freshness of the mix. We are happy to provide recipes or create a new recipe for you. Generally speaking, 2-3 pounds of amendment blend is all that is needed to mix with a bale (over 40 gallons) of Pro Mix.