I started Beyond Organic Soil Solutions after my frustrating and confusing introduction into gardening. My goal is to create the company I wish I had when I started gardening. A company that gives the knowledge and products needed to grow great plants. No fluff, no BS, no trickery, no-nonsense.

There is a movement of people growing their own food and medicine, not just as a hobby, but as a necessity. A movement people tired of buying tasteless, nutrient lacking produce from grocery stores; whether conventional or organic. A movement of people that sees the value in gardening’s ability to take us away from the rat race and reconnect us to the life-giving power of the soil.

We at Beyond Organic want to be a leader in that movement. We are a small group of gardeners that believe in and have experienced, the tremendous benefits plants have to offer. We are here to teach others what we’ve learned. We believe growing food and medicine should be efficient, effective and enjoyable. Our products and services are designed to make gardening efficient, effective and enjoyable for you. With your support, we can restore gardening to a life-changing place in our society. We encourage you to become your own BOSS and take back control over your health.


  • We value methods that work with nature, not against it
  • We value simplicity

  • We value transparency, not trickery
  • We value efficiency, not wastefulness
  • We value sustainability, not overuse
  • We value you, our customer
Become your own BOSS...take back your health